Wharf to Wharf Race 2019


Sunday, July 28th, 2019 (Always on the 4th Sunday in July)


6 mile road race (not 10k!)


8:30am (sharp!)


The Wharf to Wharf Race starts at the Santa Cruz Wharf (Beach St. & Cliff St.) near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and finishes at the Capitola Wharf (Wharf Rd. & Cliff Dr.) near Capitola Village.


Information regarding registration for the 47th Annual Wharf to Wharf Race can be found under 2019 Registration.

2019 Registration

Registration for the 47th Annual Wharf to Wharf Race will be $47 per person and will be limited to 16,000 people.  Registration will be available in four different time frames: Loyal Registration, Locals Registration, General Registration and Random Selection Process.  Registration will only be available online at www.wharftowharf.com.

*** To ensure an equal opportunity for all during the registration process, only one registration can be processed per transaction.  You cannot register multiple people in one transaction.  ***

Registration details are as follows:

  • Loyalty Registration:
    • Opens on Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 at 10:00am Pacific.
    • Participants who were registered for 5 of the past 9 years (2010-2018), along with all 2018 Little Wharf 3-Miler participants, will be emailed a unique access code on Tuesday, March 19th.
    • Those eligible who received their codes will have until Tuesday, March 26th at 10:00am (Pacific Time) to use their code.
    • You are only able to get access to the loyalty registration window if you are sent a code (a code is required to access the registration page).
    • You can verify your Loyalty Status by clicking here.
  • Locals Registration:
    • Opens on Thursday, March 28th, 2019 at 10:00am Pacific.
    • 3,000 bibs are available, registration ends as soon as the 3,000 spaces are filled.
    • You are only eligible to apply if you are a Santa Cruz County resident whom also possesses a credit card with a Santa Cruz County billing zip code.
  • General Registration
    • Opens on April 2nd, 2019 at 10:00am Pacific.
    • 8,000 bibs are available to all applicants on a first come, first served basis.  Registration ends as soon as all 8,000 spaces are filled.
  • Random Selection Process:
    • Application period opens on April 4th, 2019 at 10:00am Pacific.
    • Application period closes on April 10th, 2019 at 10:00am Pacific.
    • 1,000 bibs available.
    • Applicants can elect to either apply as an Individual OR as part of a Group (NOT BOTH).  If you apply as both an individual and a group, your individual application and your group application will both be disqualified.
      • Individual:  Those of whom wish to apply as an individual will be randomly accepted or declined as an individual.
      • Group:  Either your entire group will be selected, or none of the group will be selected (Group instructions below)
    • No limit on number of people who can apply for the Random Selection Process.
    • ONLY one application entry will be accepted per person.  Multiple applications from the same person are subject to disqualification.
    • No application fee is applied.
    • Selected entrants will be randomly accepted on Thursday, April 11th at 12:00pm, and will be notified via email.  The list of whom is selected will also appear online at www.wharftowharf.com
    • Accepted Entrants will receive an email with an Access Code to complete their registration and pay the $45 at that time.
    • Accepted Entrants will have until Tuesday, April 16th to register at 12pm noon.
      • 1)  Group Leader will create team name and team password and submit their application
      • 2)  Once the Group Leader completes the application, they can share the Group Name/Password with all other Group members to apply.
      • 3)  Group Members can apply by clicking “Group,” searching for their Group Name or Group Leader.  Once they find the correct Group, they need to put in the password that the Group Leader created.
      • 4)  ALLGroup Members MUST apply during the Random Selection Process in order to be eligible to be selected.

***Registration will only be available online at www.wharftowharf.com

Wharf to Wharf Race, Inc. would like to thank the Wharf to Wharf running community for being understanding of the changes to our registration in 2019.  We understand how special the event is to so many people and will continue to try to discover more opportunities to include more people in the future.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Race Day Info


RACE DATE: July 28, 2019

START TIME:  8:30am (sharp!)

LOCATION:  The Wharf to Wharf Race starts at the Santa Cruz Wharf (Beach St. & Cliff St.) near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and finishes at the Capitola Wharf (Wharf Rd. & Cliff Dr.) near Capitola Village.

PARKING:  Traffic and parking can be a challenge, so plan on getting to Santa Cruz early.  We recommend being in town by 7:00am. There is extremely limited street parking near the start line and many nearby roads are closed for the race.  DO NOT PARK ON STREETS THAT ARE POSTED NO PARKING.  Bring some quarters, as meter parking runs is abundant.  Free parking is available in Santa Cruz at the Ocean Street Government Center and paid parking is located near River Street Parking Plaza.  Take advantage of the bus shuttles that run from these two Santa Cruz parking lots to the Start Line of the race beginning at 6:30am.  There is NO shuttle bus service from Capitola to Santa Cruz BEFORE the race.

Many veteran runners carpool and/or park in Capitola.  Please Note:  The Capitola Village is closed to ALL traffic from 5am to 12 noon.

START CORRALS:  The Wharf to Wharf Race starting area is fenced off and separated into corrals. The intention of Start Corrals is to organize everyone by their run/walk pace, and to prevent unregistered runners from entering the start area and running the race.  Remember…the Wharf to Wharf Race is a fundraiser for the youth of Santa Cruz County and forbids people from participating in the event without registering. We politely ask everyone to respect this policy. 

All bib numbers will be color coded with corresponding corral numbers that will designate your starting position. Take a look at your bib’s background color and corral number (corral number is located on the lower corners of your bib in small boxes, underneath your actual racing number).  Note:  Elite Corrals will have white background and red numbers.  All other bib numbers will have a white background and a corral-corresponding color number.  Below is a sample bib from the 2013 race.

Adult volunteers will be at every corral checkpoint to direct participants into their appropriate area, and to ensure no one enters the wrong corral. We will have staff, volunteers, and signage throughout the entire start area to provide direction and assistance to those who have questions regarding our Start Corrals. 

***ONLY registered participants with 2018 bib numbers will be allowed to enter the Start Corral.  Under NO circumstance will anyone be allowed into the Start Corral without a bib number. 

Please review the Start Corral map below. 

–       Corral E is our Elite Corral. This is for bibs with red numbers and a white background.  It can be accessed at Cliff St. & Beach St.

–       Corral #1 is the next corral in line and can be accessed at 1st St & Westbrook St.

–       Corral #2 follows Corral 1 and can also be accessed at 1st St & Westbrook St.

–       Corral #3 is towards the back of the Start Corral and can be accessed at 1st St & Main St.

–       Corral #4 is the last corral and can be accessed at 1st St & Main St.

–       All Corrals can be accessed by entering the back of the Start Corral at the Santa Cruz Wharf near the WTW HDQTRS by utilizing the sidewalks.

***Corral Rule #1:  The first rule of a Corral System and the only rule of a Corral System… Anyone can move BACK corrals… but no one can move UP corrals.  For example:  If you are in Corral #1, you can freely move back to Corral #3 to join a friend or family member.  However, if you are in Corral #3, you cannot move up to Corral #1 to join a friend or family member.

*As stated on our registration page, on our website and in our Race Instructions, Joggers/Strollers are not permitted and will not be allowed to enter Start Corral under any circumstance.  This is a safety policy.

Members of the Wharf to Wharf Racing Team, along with Maps and Directories of the Start Layout will be located at each Corral Entrance.

Restroom Locations: The map below shows the locations of all restrooms around the Starting Area.

Bib Numbers:  DON’T FORGET YOUR BIB NUMBER!  Remember, Wharf to Wharf is an exclusive, limited-entry event.  Your bib number is your ticket to access all race venues, including your ticket onto the shuttle buses before and after the race!  The timing chip strip on its flipside will record your official starting-line-to-finish-line race time enabling you to check your results online against that of the elites, your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, boss, etc… Also, the chip strip is fragile. Treat it with care. Do not remove, fold, bend or crinkle.

Gear Check:  Unfortunately, there is no gear check at the starting line.


COURE DETAILS:  The scenic six-mile race is run on gently rolling hills in local seaside streets.  The weather conditions for race morning are typically perfect:  cool, 60 degrees, calm and foggy, but by noon, the skies are clear and warm.

After a year of detour, which prevented the race from running along the Santa Cruz Harbor on Lake Ave./5th Ave., the race will return to its traditional route.

START:  The race begins at the corner of Beach & Cliff St, near the Santa Cruz Wharf. 

MILE 1:  The first mile is flat and picturesque, as you run alongside the iconic Giant Dipper in front of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  At the end of the first mile, you reach the base of the races biggest hill – a fairly steep, yet short hill that overlooks the Pacific Ocean & Boardwalk. 

MILE 2-4:  The next 3 miles are gently rolling with frequent breezes as you dip in and out of ocean views. 

MILE 5:  Mile 5 is flat and hugs the coastline by the legendary surf spots, “The Hook“ and “Pleasure Point.” 

MILE 6:  The final mile drifts through local seaside streets… once the ocean reappears; it’s all downhill to the finish. 

FINISH:  The Finish Line is at the corner of Cliff & Wharf Rd by the Capitola Wharf.

For your safety, the course is closed to all vehicular traffic, including skateboards, bikes, wagons, wheelbarrows, roller skates/blades and baby jogger/strollers.  Pets are prohibited.  Mile posts are marked and splits will be called at each mile.  All participants must maintain a 15-minute-per-mile pace.  The race is over and the course re-opened to traffic at 10:30am.  You must abandon the course at that time.

*Illustration by Desiree Douville

WATER & FIRST AID:  Help is always at hand. Emergency medical services are available at each mile post and at the FINISH.  Watch for running medics with fanny packs and specially marked tee shirt interspersed throughout the field.  You’ll find water stations at 7th and East Cliff (mile 2 ½),  26th Avenue (mile 3 ½) and at  41st Avenue (mile 5)!


FINISH LINE:  The Finish Line is at Wharf Road in Capitola, but don’t stop there. Follow the signs to the beach to retrieve your giftpak, refreshments and post-race festivities. On the beach is where you can meet up with your family and friends at the “FRIENDS & FAMILY MEET UP AREA.”

POST-RACE:  All race finishers earn a giftpak loaded with goodies, featuring the coveted Wharf to Wharf Runner T-shirt.  Pick up your giftpak on Capitola Beach after the race by exchanging the giftpak tag attached to your bib number for your giftpak.  For correct T-shirt size, be sure to pick up your giftpak at the depot marked WOMENS S-M-L-XL-XXL or MENS S-M-L-XL-XXL according to your desired size.  ***NOTE*** Wharf to Wharf Women’s Shirts are athletic cut.  We recommend sizing up 1 size.  We account for this in our shirt order.  Giftpaks (and hence, shirts) must be picked up in person at the beach on race day.  No giftpaks/shirts will be mailed.  Sorry, but no giftpak tag, no giftpak.

On race day, go to RACE HDQTRS at the big RACE HDQTRS banner at the Santa Cruz Wharf or check with the TROUBLESHOOTER on Capitola Beach.

TRANSPORTATION:  After the race, free shuttles will run from Capitola back to Santa Cruz until 12pm noon.  Buses will only be dropping off at the Government Center Building.  The lot is a short walk back to Front St (0.5 miles) or the Start Line (1.0 miles).

AWARDS:  The awards ceremony will be held at 10:20am at the Capitola Beach Bandstand.  Race winners will be awarded The Mayor’s Cup and $4,000 cash prizes.  Silver medalists win $3,000; Bronze medalists $2,000; 4th place finishers $1,000; top American M/F finishers $1,000.  Local and wheelchair champs receive distinctive plaques.  Top 100 M/F finishers will be awarded elite Wharf to Wharf apparel.

THE GOLD NUMBER!  Each year, one hundred finalists are randomly drawn from the sold out field of 16,000.  Check your bib number.  If it is gold (gold background with a black bib number), you are one of these lucky finalists!  The winning number will be drawn at the conclusion of the awards ceremony.  The prize is a trip for two to the Wharf to Wharf Race in New Zealand.

RESULTS & PHOTOS:  Photos and Results will be available online after the conclusion of the event.




2018 OFFICIAL Top 100 Women

2018 OFFICIAL Top 100 Men


***Any timing questions can be answered by emailing david@sai-timing.com


The Wharf to Wharf Race cherishes their partnerships and is grateful that they allow the organization to continue to contribute over $250,000 to the youth of Santa Cruz County every year.  If your company wishes to be a part of the 2018 Wharf to Wharf Race Sponsorship Team, please contact Race Director, Scott McConville:

Scott McConville
(831) 475-2196

Presented By:




Sponsored By:

Together With:

York Framing Gallery

Sunridge Farms

Togo’s Sandwiches

Devcon Construction

Fleet Feet Sports

Ideal Bar & Grill

Zelda’s on the Beach

Marathon Foto

Race Sponsorship

The Wharf to Wharf Race welcomes corporate sponsorship interests.

A limited number of sponsorship positions are awarded each year, ranging in value from $4,000 to $50,000 with promotional benefits commensurate. Values are calculated in cash, goods, services and/or combinations thereof.

Widely acclaimed “The best little road race in California”, Wharf to Wharf is the biggest summer event of its kind on the West Coast and a boon to the local economy. Hospitality industry figures calculate that it brings more than nine million dollars annually to Santa Cruz County. It receives broad print and electronic media attention, is broadcast live on radio and aired on regional cable television. It is highlighted in all running industry publications as one of the top road races in America.

2017 race field demographics:

  • Participant ages ranged from 2 to 90
  • 63% were women
  • 34% were Santa Cruz County residents
  • 51% came from the Bay area
  • The rest from everywhere…representing more than 42 states and 14 countries

If you would like to explore sponsorship opportunities for your business on the Wharf to Wharf Racing Team, contact:

Scott McConville

Race Director




Road Show

The Wharf to Wharf Roadshow is one of the things that make this event the best little road race in California. The race features more live entertainment per mile than any road race on the planet. More than 50 bands, singers, dancers, drummers, and other classic Santa Cruz acts line the six-mile race route every year providing a festive atmosphere for runners and spectators alike.

If you’re not running the race, you can still get in on the fun. Join the Wharf to Wharf Roadshow. Get out there and do your thing! Find out how to reserve a spot in this gala gauntlet of fun and folly.



Brendan Kelly

Entertainment Coordinator



Elite Athletes

The Wharf to Wharf Race welcomes elite runners. Over the years, many celebrated international athletes have run the best little road race in California.

Minimum standards to be considered for the Elite Field are:

Men: sub 29:00 10k PB
Women: sub 34:00 10k PB

2011 Winner – Silas Kipruto

If you qualify for the elite field and find a way to get to Santa Cruz, you will be treated to the very best in California hospitality.  You will be assigned a compatible Racemate from the ranks of the Santa Cruz Track Club who will contact you personally, meet you at either the San Jose or Monterey Airport upon arrival and adopt you as a friend and houseguest for the weekend. Your Racemate will attend to your every need during your stay in our beautiful coastal paradise, show you around our world famous giant redwood forests and beaches, preview the race course, get you to the starting line on time, and see to it that you get back to the airport for your return flight home. You can expect a carefree, fun-filled weekend and an opportunity to meet a lot of interesting people, some of whom may well become life-long friends.

This year’s cash prize purse totals $22,000. The top four M/F open runners will vie for $4,000-$3,000-$2,000 and $1,000. Top American M/F finishers will be awarded $1,000 each.

For further information and application details, contact:



We hope to see you in Santa Cruz on the fourth weekend of July for

“The best little road race in California.”

Bib Numbers & Transfers

The Wharf to Wharf Race is an exclusive, limited-entry event.  Your bib number is your ticket to access all race venues, including your ticket onto the shuttle buses before and after the race!  The timing chip strip on its flipside will record your official starting-line-to-finish-line race time enabling you to check your results online against that of the elites, your friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, boss, etc… Also, the chip strip is fragile. Treat it with care.  Do not remove, fold, bend or crinkle.


We do not have a packet pickup.  All bib #’s will be mailed (COMPLIMENTARY) to the address you filled out in your registration at the beginning of July.

If you registered with an incorrect address, you can email (info@wharftowharf.com) or call us (831-475-2196) to update.

If you do not receive your bib # by Monday, July 15th, email info@wharftowharf.com.


The Online Bib Transfer System at www.wharftowharf.com is the only way to legally transfer a bib number from one person to another.  The transfer system opens on April 24th and closes on July 12th. The last day to initiate a transfer is July 12th.  

If you complete the transfer process prior to June 15th, the bib number will be mailed to the new bib number owner.  However, if you complete the transfer process on or after June 15th, the two transferring party members will be responsible for exchanging the bib because the bib was sent to the original purchaser.

The Online Bib Transfer Process is now closed.

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