Little Wharf 3-Miler

On September 29th 2018, Wharf to Wharf Race, Inc. is producing the inaugural Little Wharf 3-Miler as a part of the NEW Capitola Beach Festival weekend (formerly the Capitola Begonia Festival).  The festival will kick off on Saturday morning with a point-to-point family fun run/walk starting at the East Cliff Village Shopping Center and running three miles along the Santa Cruz coastline, before finishing in the Capitola Esplanade.


Registration will OPEN THIS THURSDAY, June 28th at 10am Pacific and will start at $39 for the first 1,500 people.  Registration will be capped at 5,000 people.  More information regarding registration for the 1st Annual Little Wharf 3-Miler can be found under 2018 Registration.



Saturday, September 29th, 2018


3 mile road race (not 5k!)




The Wharf to Wharf Race starts at the East Cliff Village Shopping Center and finishes inside Capitola Village in the Capitola Esplanade.

2018 Registration

Little Wharf 3-Miler Registration opens this Thursday, June 28th at 10am Pacific Time. A registration button will appear on this website when registration opens.


Registration for the 1st Annual Little Wharf 3-Miler will be capped at 5,000 participants and will be sold in price blocks.  The cost for the first 1,500 people will be $39 per person before going up to $44. Unlike the Wharf to Wharf Race, there are no registration windows.  Registration is first come, first served.

*** To ensure an equal opportunity for all during the registration process, only one registration can be processed per transaction.  You cannot register multiple people in one transaction.  ***

*** Registration will only be available online at

Race Day Info

RACE DATE: September 29, 2018

START TIME:  8:00am

LOCATION:The Wharf to Wharf Race starts at the East Cliff Village Shopping Center and finishes inside Capitola Village in the Capitola Esplanade.

PACKET PICKUP:  There will be a packet pickup in Santa Cruz County on the day(s) prior to the race.  There will also be a paid bib mailing option for those who cannot make the packet pickup.

GETTING TO THE START LINE (Parking & Shuttles):  Since the East Cliff Village Shopping Center will not be available for participants to park on race day due to the build and setup of the start line,  there will be very little parking available in and around the Start Line.  Therefore, we encourage participants to utilize the complimentary, pre-race shuttles available at the Capitola Mall.  They will be running from 6:00am until 7:30am. 

START CORRALS:  The Little Wharf 3-Miler starting area is separated into 4 corrals in order to organize everyone by their run/walk pace, and to prevent congestion on the course & at the finish line.  

***Corral Rule #1:  The first rule of a Corral System and the only rule of a Corral System… Anyone can move BACK corrals… but no one can move UP corrals.  For example:  If you are in Corral #1, you can freely move back to Corral #3 to join a friend or family member.  However, if you are in Corral #3, you cannot move up to Corral #1 to join a friend or family member.

*As stated on our registration page, on our website and in our Race Instructions, Joggers/Strollers are not permitted and will not be allowed to enter the Start Corral under any circumstance.  This is a safety policy.

Members of the Wharf to Wharf Racing Team, along with Maps and Directories of the Start Layout will be located at each Corral Entrance.

Bib Numbers:  DON’T FORGET YOUR BIB NUMBER!  Your bib number is your ticket to access all race venues, including your ticket onto the shuttle buses before and after the race!  The timing chip strip on the back will record your official starting-line-to-finish-line race time enabling you to check your results online.

Gear Check:  Gear check will be available at the Starting Line at the East Cliff Village Shopping Center from 6:15am-7:45am.  You can pick your gear up after the race at the Capitola Esplanade.


COURE DETAILS:  The net downhill, coastal three-mile race is a great opportunity to run fast and take in the beauty of the Santa Cruz & Capitola coastline.  Early Fall presents some of the best weather in the county, so you are likely going to experience beautiful weather out on the course.

START:  The race begins East Cliff Village Shopping Center

MILE 1:  The first mile is net downhill, but has rolling hills along the ocean, passing by Blacks Beach, Sunny Cove Beach, and Moe’s Beach at the Corcoran Lagoon, before finishing at 26th Beach.

MILE 2:  Mile 2 starts with a small hill, but is mostly flat, hugging the coastline on East Cliff Drive at Pleasure Point, home of the legendary surf spots, “The Hook“ and “Pleasure Point.” 

MILE 3:  The final mile drifts through local seaside streets… once the ocean reappears; it’s a big downhill past the Capitola Wharf and into the Esplanade.

FINISH:  The Finish Line is on Capitola Esplanade in the Capitola Village.

For your safety, the course is closed to all vehicular traffic, including skateboards, bikes, wagons, wheelbarrows, roller skates/blades and baby jogger/strollers.  Pets are prohibited.  Mile posts are marked and splits will be called at each mile.  All participants must maintain a 20-minute-per-mile pace.  

WATER & FIRST AID:  Help is always at hand. Emergency medical services are available on course and at the FINISH.  Watch for running medics with fanny packs and specially marked tee shirt interspersed throughout the field.  There will be one water station on course at mile 1.75.


FINISH & POST-RACE:  The Finish Line is on Capitola Esplanade in the Capitola Village.  Race finishers get food, water and a Little Wharf 3-Miler hat and Beach Bag after they finish.

TRANSPORTATION POST-RACE:  After the race, free shuttles will run from Wharf Road near Shadowbrook Restaurant back to the Capitola Mall from 9am until 10:45am.  

RESULTS & PHOTOS:  Complimentary race photos and results will be available online after the conclusion of the event.